Domaine de la Blaque is committed to sustainability and cultural identity through the label "Quality made" and the label "Eco-gîtes"
The Domaine de la Blaque adheres to an ecotourism approach and inspires respect for the environment and eco-gestures.

Eco construction : Restoration of buildings with lime, hemp, natural pigments, use of local materials such as wood and stone.

Awareness of light pollution : Life needs the night ! The night needs us.
Electric car : charging station available

Wood boiler

Respect for nature and its resources

Recovery of rainwater : The Ancients built a vaulted cistern designed to collect rainwater via roof run-offs.
Renewable energy: Solar panels for hot water production. Photovoltaic panels for electricity production.

Valorization of the natural, cultural and human heritage in a spirit of sharing.

Protection of the quality of the sky and the local fauna: environment preserved from any light pollution.